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Upgrade Your Home with a Beautiful and Durable New Floor

When it comes to choosing a flooring installation contractor, residential homeowners and general contractors alike trust Utzinger Designs. We understand the power of upgrading your home’s flooring – it’s not just a surface you walk on, but a foundation for your living space. Better flooring enhances your home’s appearance, durability, maintenance, air quality, energy efficiency, noise control, and overall value, making it a wise and rewarding investment.

Experience Unmatched Quality, Efficiency, and Personalized Service

We believe in providing unparalleled workmanship and genuine customer care. At Utzinger Designs, we:

Seek to understand the WHY behind your project and align with your vision, sharing your passion for creating the perfect space.

Strive for a seamless balance between quality and efficiency, making sure our work reflects your unique needs.

Remain committed to hard work throughout all stages of the building process, ensuring maximum physical and mental efforts to complete your project.

Don't make you choose between quality and efficiency – have both with Utzinger Designs.

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Elevate Your Home with Stunning Work: From Hardwood to Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Plank & More

Our talented team of flooring specialists offers a wide range of installation services, including:

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