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Discover the Perfect Balance of High-Quality, High-Efficiency Framing Solutions for Your Home or Building Project

As a residential homeowner or general contractor, you understand the challenges that come with finding a reliable, high-quality framing contractor. Your project’s success depends on timeliness, quality, and budget – but too often, you face setbacks or compromises that impact the final outcome. That’s where we come in.

Utzinger Designs in Durango, CO is your trusted solution for unparalleled framing expertise and a seamless building experience. With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, our skilled craftsmen possess the knowledge and precision to create stunning structures and deliver them on time and within budget. Our unique background in metalwork ensures our attention to detail for all projects, including wood framing, wall framing, and roof framing.

What Sets Us Apart

The architect usually begins to work when the site and the type and cost of a building have been determined.

Timeliness: Our team prioritizes tasks to keep your project on schedule, striving for the perfect balance between quality and productivity. By managing each task effectively, we ensure your building comes together flawlessly while meeting important deadlines.

Quality: With a strong foundation in metalwork, our attention to detail is unmatched. We believe in delivering exceptional quality for all our services – and if something isn't right, we'll come back and make it right.

Budget: Efficiency is our middle name. Ten-plus years in the industry has allowed us to refine our process, ensuring streamlined construction without compromising quality. Our impressive track record delivers projects within 5% of the initial budget, and our comprehensive planning process leaves no stone unturned, preventing costly surprises.

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Comprehensive Framing Services

From wood framing to timber frame homes, steel framing, and shed roof framing, we do it all. Our extensive list of services includes:

Don't Settle for Second Best — Build with Confidence

It’s time to say goodbye to setbacks and compromises, and hello to a streamlined construction process that prioritizes quality, efficiency, and your complete satisfaction.

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